02 April 2012

Superman from Krypton...Action Comics #1

In 1933, Two Illustrators by the named of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created a new and revolutionary Comic creator named “The Superman.” Their ideas were based on the story about “The Reign of the Super-Man” which gather the attention of a Chicago publisher but eventually didn’t show interest in the project. But in 1938 got the green light for a comic book called “Action Comics #1” and was eventually published by a company named National Publications by the interest of Jack Liebowitz. Liebowitz was the co-owner of National Publications and his company would eventually become DC Comics before end the 1930’s.  The impact of the comic book “Action Comics #1” wasn’t a big success at the beginning by eventually became a common seller of 1,000,000 copies. Superman in short explanation is a Comic Book hero that was born form a planet Named Krypton and is the sole survivor of his planet. Superman powers are unlimited compared to humans but since he was a baby a family in farm in Smallville, Kansas raised him. The impact of the theory of a superhero in comics books wasn’t a even pursued by major publications until the 1938 when National Publication green lighted this comic book for national perception. The connection that “Superman” has with Scott McCloud’s book about “Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics” is that this book pushed the boundaries of theory of comics. McCloud’s main message in the book of  Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics” is one of that comics could more than image that scene when someone reading a newspaper that can be reading a Comic Book about Superman and it can be acceptable reading literature all ages. The theory of a superhero named Superman has evolve more than half a century and has become part of American pop culture that remain forever in are thoughts that because he was the first superhero from a comic books without Superman, whose what media figure would have took superman in our history in comics book superhero’s.

                                                Siegel Jerry, Shuster Joe, “ Action Comics #1). 1938

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  1. Your connection is pretty good, Jake. But where are you getting all that background info.? And why didn't you summarize the comics?