09 April 2012

"Tape This to Your Cubicle Wall"

Here's a great article from The Comic Journal (an academic source!) about the backlash from Scott McCloud's Reinventing Comics. We only read portions of the book, but McCloud makes some pretty controversial claims (particularly about the business of web comics) that a lot of people didn't take very well. Where Understanding Comics didn't generate the debate he had hoped for, Reinventing Comics generated tons! If you're using his ideas, it might be worthwhile to take a look at this piece and some of the author's sources (like the one below) as well.

Great parody from Penny Arcade :-)
Questions? Quibbles? Controversies?


  1. Mr. V,
    Sorry, this doesn't petain to this post. However, will you please respond to my email about a new research idea. Since you asked me to start over I reinvented my whole idea.

    1. Hey Karli,
      I didn't get your e-mail :-/

  2. Mr. V
    That's okay because I changed it once again. When you read my annotation you'll know what I am going to write about.