09 April 2012

Together we stand, together we fall

Wright, Bradford W. Comic Book Nation: the Transformation of Youth Culture in America. Baltimore,  MD. London; Johns Hopkins University Press, 2003. Paperback Edition. Print.

In Bradford Wrights Comic Book Nation: the Transformation of Youth Culture in America he bases the book around two main parts; comics and war and the effect the two had on each other. Wright tells the history of comics with the reaction of the social and political scene being a factor with the readers and fans. This book shares a history background on comics, explaining the social society as a turning point in our youth culture and how the older generations influenced the pace of comics. Comic Book Nation; the Transformation of Youth Culture in America is relatable to my topic because it not only comes from a sociological stand point but recognizes society as a whole for the rise and fall in this comic era.


  1. Erin,
    I really like your topic! I think this book is a great place to start since it focuses on the impact society had on the comic industry downfall. It might also help to explain more on how this book is helping prove your claim if you decide to put this annotation in your research paper.

  2. Agreed. But it's still an excellent annotation :-)