10 April 2012

Unbreakable.... A great movie

Unbreakable starts off with a baby being born (Elijah) who is born with the disease Osteogenesis imperfecta a disease where bones can easily break. Time passes.....
It is also about a security guard named David Dunn who’s coming home from work and a train he is on derails and crashes. 131 die, one survives (David), he also has no injuries not even a cut. Before that he’s a big time college football player that is supposed to have a promising future. He’s dating  a cheerleader and they are in a bad car accident she gets hurt pretty bad but once again David is perfectly fine; She becomes his wife....Later.  Elijah runs a comic book art gallery and has a  theory that they are what remains of an ancient system of storytelling, and the superheroes they are about are based on real people. Elijah believes David may be one of these people. He has never been injured or taken a sick day from work, and he has tremendous strength, plus the ability to tell if someone is about to or has done something bad. Comic book specialist Elijah contacts David to confront him with a theory: David doesn't know what to think about the theory, or Elijah himself. Elijah, who has been nicknamed "Mr. Glass" because he has fragile bones, thinks that David has got what he doesnt. He starts to find things or remember things out of his past after he has this talk with Elijah. David has never been sick or physically hurt, and his strength exceeds more than he ever knew. After spending time trying not to believe in what Elijah was telling him David started to take his gift to help others. He has another gift that when he touches people he can see wrongs they committed out there pass. He finds this guy that killed this man and his wife but still has the kids at their home, so he follows the man to the house and saves the kids. He goes to see Elijah later and for the first time he shakes his hand. He saw that all those big “accidents” over the past few years were set up by Mr. Glass. Elijah thinks he had to do everything he did to find David; he felt that in his heart that there was more to the reason of his body being the way it is but in doing so he found that his role in this story was the villain because he’s the opposite of everything David is.
This was such a great movie about normal people that have crazy abilities but don’t want to admit it because it doesn’t seem possible. David was strong but he was a man before super hero that’s why he faked his injury in the car accident so that he could be with his girlfriend but he also went to save those kids without weapons or help.

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