09 April 2012

Unbreakable Summary

The movie "Unbreakable" is about a man named David who at the beginning of the movie is shown being the only survivor of over 130 passengers on a tragic train crash. Along with being the only survivor of the crash, David left the crash without a scratch. A few days after the crash, David finds a note left on his car asking if he had ever been sick. The letter eventually leads David to a comic gallery that is owned by Elijah, who suffers from a disease that makes his bones very brittle and makes him very vulnerable to injuries. When David asks Elijah about the note, Elijah begins to explain his theory of how he believes that he is at one end of the stick which is being as fragile as glass meaning there must be someone who is on the opposite end, making him almost indestructible. Elijah tells David that after reading that David was the only survivor of the tragic train crash, he knew that David might be the person that he has been looking for. David feels as though what Elijah is talking about is nonsense and then leaves immediately. After meeting with David, Elijah continues to follow David and explain the theory that he has about himself and David's conditions. Along the way, Elijah also points out different "talents" David has but that no other man has. After Elijah had pointed out some of the extraordinary things that David was unaware of, David starts to think more about what he was told. He begins to lift weights and his son goes with him insisting to help. Without paying attention to how much weight his son had put on, David is able to lift the weight, and after setting it down, he asks how much was put on and finds out that he had just lift the most he had ever lifted in his life. After telling his son to remove some weight, thinking that he won't be able to lift that much weight again, he tries to bench press again. David at first struggles with the weight but is able to do a few reps, and after setting the weight down he asks his son how much he had taken off and the son then confesses that he had actually added more weight. David is shocked when he hears what his son had told him and the two continue to add weight to see how much David could lift. At one last attempt to get his theory across David, Elijah has David's wife help him rehab the leg that was shattered after falling down stairs, and during his physical therapy appointment Elijah learns more about David after talking with his wife. Fed up with Elijah constantly trying to get through to David, David goes to Elijah and tells him that he can in fact get hurt, telling Elijah how he almost drowned when he was younger. Elijah then explains that water and anything that has to do with water is David's weakness. It's his kryptonite. Again, David leaves the gallery confused and begins to recall all the accidents that he had gone through, in particular, the car accident that he and his wife had gone through when they were younger. While thinking about what happened the night of the accident, he realizes that he never was injured during the accident and that he had actually used his super strength to help his wife get out of the car. After his realization he goes to tell Elijah that he was right the whole time. Elijah explains to David that he does have extraordinary qualities and was meant to protect people. The movie ends with David saving women from a murderer and talking to Elijah and thanking him for everything he had done. But when David shakes hands with Elijah, he sees that Elijah has caused many accidents, including the train crash that David has survived. He tells David that every hero must have a rival and that he was it. David is shocked and leaves and later turns in Mr. Glass (Elijah) to the authorities.

This movie is very close to the comic of Superman that we read for class. David begins as a man who does not even realize that he has super powers even after surviving three horrible accidents and leaving them all without a scratch. Then, once he realizes that he does have extraordinary he uses them for good however, he decides to keep his true identity hidden. The whole story line was closely connected to that of Superman. Along with being closely tied to Superman the movie itself was pretty predictable just as Umberto Eco had explained in his article about the characteristics of mythological characters.

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