09 April 2012


The movie unbreakable starts out in the past time to a new born baby, later known as Elijah, who appears to have his legs and arms broken without any sort of violent contact. The movie skips ahead to the present where a man, David a security guard who is the main character, is on a train headed home from New York. This train is derailed and David shocks everyone by being the only survivor of this accident. After this incident his reaction is more aware, he now seems to value this miracle and looks for signs. Outside the funeral of the other passengers of the train a note is left on David's car with a question: Have you ever been sick one day in your life? This hits him hard and sends his mind elsewhere. He see's this as a sign really thinking about if he ever has been sick, asking his wife and co-workers wondering what meaning this note has behind it. He traces the stamp back to where the note originated and has a chat with Elijah who thinks David could sure enough be a super hero, which sounds ridiculous right? David appears to let this go in one ear and out the other, which surely isn't the case underneath the front David is trying to put up. After this Elijah starts showing up in his life more and more day to day trying to convince him of this comic inspired idea. From then on he shows David the signs; David is a security guard so he protects people, he cheated death on the derailing of the train without a scratch, and he hasn't been sick one day in his life but he does have a past with water. David experienced a life threatening accident when he was younger drowning in a pool but was saved. This is another important sign; every superhero is great but has a weakness, David's is water. Elijah is doing something much bigger than just getting into David's head about all this he ultimately testing him, secretly. David starts to accept this ability he has of being a "superhero" and is convinced this is no coincidence but more of a gift for the good. In the end Elijah has tested him to where David learns he is the good while Elijah is the evil. He has been testing David causing these events to test whether or not he is strong enough to survive them, Elijah all along has been the villain. He has done this for himself and David. David now knows of his newfound gift and Elijah knows his place in the world.
Unbreakable is a good source in showing a reality of superheroes not just as cartoons, and showing the villains are too breakable. They are the second role, but the strongest overpower in the end. This can be related to Superman. Superman as a child learned of his powers but also chose to keep them hidden, while also having his own weakness. Superheroes can't be broken given the right gift and the right mind of using this gift.

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  1. Your summary's a bit long, but this isn't bad :-)