09 April 2012

Unbreakable=Super & Breakable=Eww!

Unbreakable is a movie about a man who is indestructible. This man doesn't know his own gift until later in his life after he is the only survivor of a terrible train wreck. However, the indestructible man named David is not the one who discovers his gift it is actually a man named Elijah who is the opposite of him. This man hears about Davids survival and reaches out to him with a theory about David. His theory is that since he is so breakable and continuously getting hurt than their must be someone out there who is unbreakable. He looks at himself and David as being on a spectrum and he is on one side and David is on the opposite side. Their is one problem to Elijah's theory which is: David almost drowned as a child. After discovering this news Elijah is upset and is contemplating in a comic book store where he comes across a Superman comic. He remembers that Superman had a weakness which was Kryptonite and this relates to David. David's weakness is water. David finally accepts the fact that he is Unbreakable and decides to help people who are in need. David's gift has helped Elijah find his place in the world. Since they are on opposite sides of the spectrum and David must use his gift for good then Elijah must have been put on this world for Evil.
This was an interesting movie and in a sense it relates to the comic we read about Superman. David decides to keep his identity hidden along with Superman. They both use their strength for good. Superman and his villains are always opposites like David and Elijah. The main similarity is that they both have a weakness. Obviously, Elijah also sees the similarity since a Superman comic is what helped prove his theory.

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