09 April 2012


Meskin, Aaron. "Defining Comics?." Journal Of Aesthetics & Art Criticism 65.4 (2007): 369-379. Academic Search Premier. Web. 10 Apr. 2012.

Aaron Meskin’s article “Defining Comics?” discusses his ideology on this subject. Meskin believes some understanding of the styles, techniques, purposes, and elements utilized in the medium are required to properly evaluate and interpret comics. He explores definitions developed in recent years by Scott McCloud, Will Eisner, David Kunzle, and by the team of Greg Hayman and Henry Pratt. Meskin systematically points out flaws in these definitions and, more importantly, the flaw of trying to define comics at all. I plan on using Meskin’s analyses to support my claim that comics cannot hold only one concrete definition and, therefore, readers must decide for themselves which definition holds true.

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