09 April 2012

The Uninvited Guest, Cancer.

Our Cancer Year begins with Harvey and Joyce opening up their door to their home to discover Joyce's brother Tod was there. They begin with a conversation where Harvey says that he is going to have surgery for what they think is a hernia. A couple of days later, Harvey, Tod, and Joyce make their way to the hospital for Harvey's surgery. The doctors took Harvey back and Joyce and Tod began to wait. The doctors told them the surgery may take up to several hours. Soon after, Joyce spots Harvey's doctor. He explains to Joyce that he has bad news. Harvey had a large tumor that they removed, and the doctor told Joyce that its Lymphoma and then he leaves. The doctor then tells Harvey that it's lymphoma and tells him that he is going to have to get a cat scan to see if it spread through out his body. Harvey was a little bit in denial. He told himself that he doesn't feel anything wrong so he can't be sick. Joyce was getting very irritated because the doctor kept running off. Harvey and Joyce still couldn't get a straight answer from the doctor about what a cat scan was. As they were leaving the hospital all they could both think about was cancer, and nothing but cancer. Harvey begins to worry about what would happen to Joyce if anything happened to him. The next day Harvey goes to grant a power-of-attorney to Joyce as Joyce calls around to find out exactly what a cat scan is. She finally talks to someone who is going to send her information on a cat scan and Joyce decides that after Harvey's scan, she will decide if they need a second opinion on it. Good news though! For Harvey's follow up appointment with Dr. Cantor, the Dr. explained that the cancer did not spread and only encapsulated in one lymph node. Harvey and Joyce went home and continued moving. Harvey begins to move bricks and Joyce gets mad at him because he just had surgery and he shouldn't be lifting heavy things. They get into an argument because he doesn't want to listen to her and he looses himself. He begins to throw the bricks all over because obviously him having cancer is really bothering him. Joyce goes outside to calm down and lands up running into the landlord of their house. She tells him that him and his friend cannot go inside because it isn't a good time but they don't listen to her and begin to walk up the stairs as if they were going to go into the apartment. Joyce gets infuriated and tells them that they are invading their privacy and they need to leave. They end up apologizing and leaving. Joyce goes to the new house to start unpacking boxes. She begins talking to Stephanie, the carpenter and they found that they both have worries about health and find comfort within each other.

Our Cancer Year shows us that comics are not just about superheros. This is pretty much exactly what Scott McCloud talks about in his Book Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art. Comics are not just about superheros and can actually even be used to express feelings like how this comic is doing. It seems that the author of this comic is expressing their feelings to their readers.

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  1. Not a bad post, but some of the details in your summary are a little off. Read closer!