09 April 2012

Why can't we all just get along?

Persepolis which was based on a reading really opened my eyes to some things I didn’t know existed. The movie is based off Iran in the 1970’s while the Islamis revolution was occurring which started the war between Iran and Iraq. Marjane Stratapi (Marji) which is the main character starts the movie off in the airport looking back at all of the events that has happened to her growing up. Iran in the 1970’s was not a very pleasant place to be. As Marji is growing up, she is seeing all kinds of violence going on in her city. She adored her uncle Anouche deeply and wanted to be just like him. Speaking up for what he believes in Anouche was eventually imprisoned and killed for his beliefs and views. Being the rebel she is, Marji began to disobey the rules of Iran. Restrictions to what people can listen to and wear blew her mind and she did not agree with them one bit. Buying CD’s off of street venders. Wearing “punk is not dead” on her jackets, Micheal Jackson pins, and different things that could get her in trouble worried her parents. Being the protective parents they should be, they sent her off to Vienna to study abroad and chase a healthier, safer life. Her time in Vienna was very unstable, jumping from home to home with different friends in different place she struggled to find herself. With all this new found freedom she does not know how to handle it and take care of herself. Realizing this was not a place for her Marjane begs her parents to come back home. Coming home, her father did not even recognize her she has grown up so much. The war was over by the time she came back home, but “home” was a lot different. Herself, and home were to completely things that she didn’t remember. Realizing she needs to find herself and a place she can call home she spends some time with her grandmother and realizes its not where you are its who your with. Family is most important.

Watching this movie really broadened my outlook on life in general. Just to be thankful my family and I are not in a position we need to be spread around the world because were scared for each others life is a blessing itself. Being apart of a war in your hometown must be the scariest thing a person can be apart of. Considering this was a comic before a movie, I was in a slight bit of shock. In Maus: A Survivors Tale its known to be a different kind of comic. A kind of comic that I believe should be written like more. Both of these comics don’t take the approach where there is a superhero saving people like the common themed comic. Watching a movie is so m much better than reading a c comic in my opinion, but if their were more comics written like these two I would definitely reconsider.


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  2. forgot to put persepolis and maus in italics

  3. Great post, B! I'm glad you liked the movie :-)