16 April 2012

Your Brain on Burritos

Aldama, Frederick L. Your Brain on Latino Comics. Austin: university of Texas Press, 2009. Print.

One source that I will use in writing my research essay is Your Brain on Latino Comics. This book has many different points which relate directly to the part of my essay that talk about the need for minority representation in comic books. My essay will basically go ever three different ways that comics can improve so that they can reach their full potential, and this book shows that one of those ways, minority representation, is being approached the wrong way. Your Brain on Latino Comics is a book written by a Latino man, Frederick Luis Aldama, with the purpose of telling about Latino comics. Within the book there are three sections; one is on overview of Latino comics, the next is goes much deeper and offers a much more in depth study of Latino comics, and the last is dedicated to conversations with the Latino comic book artists. This book will most likely only be a small portion of my research essay, but I have already found a few useful quotes that I will incorporate in my writing.

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