07 May 2012


"DC Comics: The New 52" #1 Free Comic Book Day Issue has given a story that leads into a peek into the upcoming year of the New 52.
The issue opens with a mysterious group of eight god-like characters with Shazam-like trappings-- likely the "Circle of Eternity" the Phantom Stranger referred to in "Justice League". DC has already made a point of making sure their comic starred the mysterious character, Pandora, who's been with the New 52. First is the man who looks to become the Phantom Stranger. This is the first clear look of him as a human. One of the God council throws pieces of silver shades of Judas Iscariot at the human after he begs for forgiveness, forcing his turn into the supernatural entity. The next human is more of a mystery as he has his face covered. It's clear this man is The Question of the New 52, but who was he before he was cursed to become the faceless man. The third, and perhaps most currently familiar figure following the debut of the New 52, is Pandora. This issue shows how she came to be, by opening a box, and what other familiar characters in the DC universe shared their birth alongside her at the court of the wizard Shazam! Pandora starts to defy her curse, and is seeking a path toward redemption, leading her to the Justice League -- or rather, their high-security storage warehouses, such as the Red Room and the Black Room. The story ends with a glimpse into "the near future" which finds Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aqua man and Cyborg in battle with other DC characters: a new Green Lantern, a Marvel family member, an Atlantean, and others.
With dwindling sales, in 2010, some of DC Comics lead executives and creative talents came together to discuss how to put a jolt of energy into their entire comics line. They decided to launch New 52, a line-wide prelaunch of all their titles. The initiative was an effort to get people excited about comics, attracting new, current, and old readers with easy jumping on points with 52 new #1 issues. As my paper research paper was based on comic book sales and how comics should have more action related to famous superheroes is exactly what DC comics are showing in these issues. This comic had really good illustrations and a page of an insight to the next issue that is going to be very heated. This was a great Superhero comic that I read from page to page; I will be eagerly waiting to read the issues in “The near future”.


  1. So you liked it?! Interesting...I kid ;-)

    A lot of fans aren't sure how to take "The New 52" yet. Some of them seem alright, but they otherwise have the same style and feel of the old comics. So some fans feel this was just another publicity stunt, like "killing" Superman, to boost sales.

    I haven't really looked into it, myself. But you're making me regret not picking up a copy of this :-/

  2. haha.,, I enjoyed this issue!

    You should definitely read it!!