07 May 2012

Atomic Robo

Atomic Robo begins with Robo ranting to two grave yard shift workers, Ananth and George, about how he needs their help with a problem that has been brought up to his attention. Robo then calls in Dr. Dinosaur, who happens to be an expert on the subject of the problem as well as an enemy of Robo. The workers are startled to see that Dr. Dinosaur is there to work with them but Robo eventually calms everyone down and explains that Dr. Dinosaur is only there to help solve the problem and nothing more. While on their way to where they will be working, Dr. Dinosaur explains how he will use crystals to solve the problem but Robo and his team question his method. Once they arrive to their destination they are surprised to see that Dr. Dinosaur's plan will work and prepare to set up his "crystal method." Once Dr. Dinosaur turns on his controller a ginormous futuristic looking T-Rex crashes through the wall and begins to destroy everything it sees. Dr. Dinosaur then explains that this was all part of his plan but soon realizes that the controller used to control the T-Rex is not working is out of control. As everyone runs to escape the monster, Robo gets a hold of Dr. Dinosaur just before he is able to escape. Soon after, Robo's team explains that he has to stop the T-Rex before it destroys everything. Robo and Dr. Dinosaur then decide in order to destroy the monster they must work together but that they still have unresolved business to tend to afterward. The two then split up to set up the plan and to find and lure the T-Rex into the facility's cannon. Robo and Dr. Dinosaur eventually meet and dash towards the cannon as the T-Rex follows. They make it to the cannon just in time and once the cannon fires the T-Rex is vaporized and Robo and Dr. Dinosaur end up landing near the Swiss border. Dr. Dinosaur is then shown driving away in a car just before Robo could get to him.

At first I thought the comic was going to be boring because a majority of the dialog was "scientific" and I did not understand anything Robo was saying. But then the comic got easier to read and it was actually pretty funny. I would definitely recommend this comic to people who want to read a "nerdy" funny and action filled comic.

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  1. This comics sounds AWESOME! My wife snagged it, so I'll have to wait till she's done to read it myself. But I'm glad you enjoyed it!