05 May 2012

Chewbacca Saves The Day Again !!!

This action packed, pulse pounding comic features two very recognizable characters from the Star War sagaEntitled The Art Of The Bad Deal we get an exciting front row seat inside of the Millennium Falcon, and get to witness firsthand the life of Han Solo and his Wookie companion Chewbacca.  This comic starts out with our two heroes delivering a smuggled shipment, of God only knows what, to a buyer in deep space named Verhandle.  As Han and Chewbacca lower the Falcon into the atmosphere Chewbacca senses that something doesn’t feel right, but the headstrong, arrogant Han insists that he has everything under control.  Once they land, Verhandle takes an immediate interest in the Falcon, even going so far as to try and buy it from Han.  After Han shrewdly declines he receives his payment for the smuggled shipment and heads off world.  But just as we think all is well in the galaxy, some of Verhandles men sneak out of their hiding places in the smuggling compartments of the Falcon and proceed to try and take over the ship by force.  Han casually hands over the helm of his beloved Falcon and proceeds to casually talk to the pirates who took over his ship.  These pirates quickly realize that the Wookie isn’t present and ask Han to call him on the intercom at once.  Han smiles a wicked smile then screams for Chewbacca, who comes rushing in punching, kicking, and biting until all the pirates are subdued single handedly.  Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Millennium Falcon then blast off into the many streaked stars of hyperspace only to leave us wondering what trouble they will get into next.

This comic gives an interesting piece of background about some of the characters we all have seen in the movies.  There were only six movies, and if you’re as big of a Star Wars fan as I am, every snippet of the Star Wars story that comes out is one too less.  One thing that really interests me in this comic is the panels, they are extremely crooked and angled, and sometimes Chewbacca is even outside of the panel punching guys.  I think this choice of paneling helps make the action in the comic feel more real.  Like I said, I hope Star Wars sticks around until the end of time, because enough of that story is never enough. May the force be with you all.   


  1. This seems like a really cool comic!

  2. Applause!!
    Very well written..Talk about perfection!
    I hope they have new Star Wars movies too.

  3. Yeah, this sounds awesome. As soon as I get it off my wife (she nabbed it for the Serenity comic on the flip-side), I'll check it out!