07 May 2012

DC Comics: The New 52 Justice League #1

This is the first issue of DC Comics: The New 52 Justice league #1 by Geoff Johns (Storyline), Jim Lee (Art) and Scott Williams (Ink) . Batman is still on bad terms with the corrupt Gotham police and they are hunting him while he chases down a hooded figure who turns out to be…an alien. Upon that reveal, Batman is no longer shut off in his own mythology and the whole DC universe merges together. All of these guys haven’t met each other before and what you get in issue #1 is Batman and Green Lantern introducing themselves to each other for the first time.The new Justice League is made up for Aquaman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Superman, Wonderwoman, and…Cyborg. And three of those characters do not even make an appearance in the book’s debut issue. This leads to some pretty funny dialogue and some awesome visuals of Hal Jordan’s ring constructs. We also find out pretty quick that it’s not just Batman that the police hate—it’s all super heroes. Hal has been alerted of an unauthorized alien presence in Gotham, he saves Batman from getting blown away by chopper fire and the two of them set off to find the E.T. This is where we get all the witty banter that makes the book enjoyable. We see how Hal Jordan is an arrogant show-off who’s more concerned with making fun of Batman and showing off than stopping the bad guy proving yet again that Batman would’ve saved the world from everything if he had the ring instead Cyborg will be part of the team. While the first issue doesn't make it official, Victor Stone is in the issue and has been on the covers and promo images. There's nothing wrong with Cyborg being on the team. The shocking part is how his story will fit in with the formation of the Teen Titans. Justice League #1 begins five years ago and he hasn't become Cyborg yet. Superman's always been seen as a big boy scout. He is one of the nicer heroes. This Superman is a punch first, ask questions later. He knows he is powerful. He gives the impression that fighting a new foe would be something like a game. He's curious if it will even be a challenge.The more interesting part is how this team will get over the diverse difference between each of their own storyline to take down the villain called Darkseid. Here's a the new team of superheros from DC Comics: The New 52 Justice League #1.
Aquaman, Green Lantern, Wonder Women, Superman, Batman, Flash and Cyborg.(left to right)
In the new Justice League: The New 52, Batman has stumbled upon a dark evil that threatens to destroy the earth as we know it. Now, faced with a threat far beyond anything he can handle on his own, the Dark Knight must trust an alien, a scarlet speedster, an accidental teenage hero, a space cop, an Amazon Princess and an undersea monarch. Will this combination of Superman, The Flash, Cyborg, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Aquaman be able to put aside their differences and come together to save the world? Or will they destroy each other first? This imagining and re purpose of the characters and DC Universe has been working very well so far. I like it and like even more the two great talents brought to this book: Jim Lee and Geoff Johns are collaborating together for this project. I approve of this DC Comic sofar and highly recommended this comic book  of Justice League: The New 52#1 to all new and veteran comic books fans.

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  1. I'm pretty sure I read this one when it first came out last year, but I never read the following issues. Most of "The New 52" comics are apparently not that great, but this one's supposed to be pretty good. Regardless, I could just stare at Jim Lee's art all day :-)