06 May 2012

Extra Credit : Donald Duck Family Comics

Donald Duck Family Comics
                Donald Duck Family Comics by Carl Barks has three stories inside of it. The first story is about Uncle Scrooge. In this story, Uncle Scrooge has a lot of money. A criminal group called the Beagle Boys got paroled out of prison and is after Scrooge’s money. Scrooge tried to think of any stunt that he could pull to protect his money, so he ended up changing his coins to greenbacks because he could store the greenbacks in a smaller space which would be cheaper for him to guard. He had one lone coin though that he kept in his pocket.  Uncle Scrooge tries to convince his three nephews that his idea is foolproof until the Beagle Boys pretend to be Uncle Scrooge’s guards and they end up stealing the tank with the money inside of it as well as Uncle Scrooge and Nephews that were inside of it. In the end the one lone coin saved Uncle Scrooge and his family by being razor sharp in the fact that it cut the tank open and freed them. The Beagle Boys ended up going back to jail. The second story in the Donald Duck Family Comics is about Donald Duck. Donald has very bad nightmares and cannot get any sleep because he is afraid to sleep. A doctor and Donald Duck’s nephews try and help Donald not have any nightmares any more by giving him a remedy such as croqueting. Donald is embarrassed about the remedy and when his friends find out that he is croqueting Donald relives all his nightmares. Reliving Donald’s nightmares allowed him to overcome his fears and so in conclusion Donald ended his nightmares and was finally able to get some sleep. The third comic is about Uncle Scrooge again. Donald Duck plays a joke on Uncle Scrooge. Donald tricks Scrooge by writing on a newspaper that fish is worth more than paper money. So seeing the news scrooge goes and gets jobs doing odd tasks but instead of asking to be paid in cash, Scrooge requests to be paid in fish. Scrooge tries to accumulate as much fish as possible so he could be rich. The trick backfires on Donald Duck because Scrooge wanted to store the money (fish) at Donald’s House. My opinion on this comic is that it was fun to read. I enjoyed Donald Duck as a kid and was shocked when I saw a comic about the stories.

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  1. Disney comics were some of the most popular back in the day. And now, Disney owns something like 3 comics studios (including Marvel Comics). Don't be surprised to see these kinds making a comeback :-)