07 May 2012

Free Comic Book Day! Spiderman-season one

In the comic book Spiderman the story starts off with a young adult male named Peter Parker, he lives with his aunt and uncle in Queens NY. His uncle Ben is waking him up for school. Peter says he doesnt feel good. He finally gets up and ready for school comes down stairs, his aunt May has his lunch packed and he is off to school. While at the bus stop there are a few girls laughing and joking about him. They get to school and are in the hallway, a couple of jocks throw a football and knock Peter down. Peter gets picked on by these jocks probably because he is a geeky looking smart kid. In class the teachert is talking about a pop quiz and how the whole class didnt do to well, all except Peter, he is the only one in the class to get a perfect score on his pop quiz so the teacher gives him tickets to a demonstration at New York city hall of science. While at the demonstration he is amazed at what he see's, then suddenly he feels something on his hand that is very painful. It burns him and when he moves his hand there is a black radioactive spider that has bit him. The veins on his hand look kind of like a spider web, he gets nauseous and pukes. He starts tripping out and walks into oncoming vehicles, suddenly jumps to miss a big truck and before he knows it he is clinging onto the side of the building. Unaware of what exactly is happening to him he goes home to try to think and put things into perspective. While at home he is hanging from the ceiling, his reflexes are enhanced, he even feels so powerful that he doesnt need his glassed anymore. He goes outside and starts doing flips, climbing the sides of houses, lifting weight and starts thinking to himself of maybe quitting audio/visual club and joining the varsity team. He also starts wondering what it all means and thinks he could become famous with all this super human strength....this is the end of this comic!!!! NOOOOOOO.....just when it was getting good im going to go out and get the rest of the issues.

Although mostly everyone knows that Spiderman got bit by a spider or at least that is what should be known, I really didnt know. Reading this comic book was really interesting and kept me wanting to read more. I think it is because I really never knew how Spiderman became Spiderman. I mean I knew of Spiderman and his powers but never really thought about how it happened. By reading this I am now going to go purchase the continuing issues. Thanks Mr. V! I now view comics in a whole new perspective :)

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  1. Ah, the old origin-story/cliff-hanger ploy! Yeah, comics writers really know how to keep you coming back for the next issue :-) Glad you enjoyed it!