06 May 2012

Mega Man: Origin of a Hero

Mega Man: Origin of a hero begins in a futuristic world in the year 200X with Mega Man confronting robots trying to enter Doctor Albert Wily’s lab. The story then goes back a few days where things were still peaceful. It all starts at the Light Labs Grand Unveiling where Doctor Light is about to unveil his new Robot Master line of robots. Doctor Albert, Dr. Light’s co-worker, also shows up wanting to be included in the unveiling of the new robots. Doctor Light tells him he should wait since he had his credentials for doing unethical robotics experiments. In the unveiling of the new robots Doctor Light presents his new robots that have been built to help mankind. After he is done presenting his new robots a reporter asks his if these new robots were also created for military reasons and Doctor Light storms out claiming he only created them as a means of advancing humanity. Later that night Dr. Albert sneaks in Dr. Light’s lab and reprograms the new robots to try and take over the world. The next morning Dr. Light because the robots are missing, then Rock (Mega Man) comes in to tell them to watch the news. In the news it is discovered that the robots are destroying the city and Dr. Albert demands immediate surrender from the world’s leaders. It seemed that nothing could be done but Rock volunteers to fight the robots. Even though Dr. Light’s intension for creating him was not to fight, he agrees to allow him to fight and he reconstructs him. He gives him the best armor, gives him a mega blaster and ads a copy chip to adapt to the enemies abilities. He then takes the name Mega Man because of his mega blaster. And that is the origin of Mega Man.

            Free comic book day was a great experience for me as I had never really been into comic books. I can also see how the day is used as a way to attract a new audience as they give free comics to increase their popularity once again.

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  1. Yeah, I've been going to Free Comic Book Day at that store for a few years now, and that's the most people I've ever seen there! If other stores received an equally good turn-out, it certainly suggests that comics interests are up :-)