08 May 2012

Nerdy is the new BLACK

Dinosaurs vs. Aliens is about the invasion of the blue planet. It starts out in space in an alien ship type, and the aliens talk in their foreign language, but soon once they are on the planet they speak english when communicating to each other. They report "Its him. I think he's dead," stating their findings on a dusty mountain during an eclipse, as if a war had just happened. The Scout Commander Kit had recorded that by the time they arrived to the blue planet they were out of fuel and nevertheless hope. More than half of the population had died of starvation or sickness during their five generations of their migration. So with no where left to go they had no choice but to make due, because even if they failed there there was nothing left for them anywhere else without resources. Kit left the record for those who survive without extinction, and he left it solely as a warning, doing what "they had to do." The tribal dinosaurs come into the comic and Kit commentates that what he did doesn't make it right. The leader dinosaur admits it was he who brought everyone there taking the responsibility and they did things not for themselves but for others, for the collective. They went in there with a purpose but getting what you want isn't always that simple. No matter how thought out the dinosaurs planned, they stated that there will always be obstacles you don't expect. "There was someone standing in our way and they had their own ideas." And then a huge killer dinosaur comes in and..... the tale ends at: To be continued.
I honestly didn't really like this comic. It was super confusing to understand who was talking and was literally about 8 pages long! It starts into the story and then just ends with to be continued. To be continued when? Where? It was free comic day, I wanted the whole story with the only free comic I'm getting! But even though the comic wasn't what I expected neither was the field trip. I thought it was going to be okay, it was extra credit. But it was actually really awesome! I didn't expect the comics to look how they did, or even some of the stories to be made into comics. Everything seemed so colorful and inviting, I wanted to buy multiple. One I thought was really cool was 300, I had no idea even that was a comic, or as long as a short book. The field trip was a great experience and I can say I am going to check out the comic store in Nob Hill after seeing how cool this nerdy store is, and I plan on spreading the word of this unpopular phenomenon!


  1. Way to include the summary of your comic and the trip. Hopefully, it was only the story about the comic we got and not the trip lol. Anyways, sorry your story wasn't what you wanted. Maybe, when you go cjeck out that other comic you can get the second part to your comic.

  2. Astro-Zombies? That's a great store!

    Glad you had fun; this comic sounds epic. I'm sorry I missed it. But you've learned the number one rule for hooking readers to a new series: end with a cliffhanger ;-)