08 May 2012

Not all comics such as comics such as Bad Medicine link to Superheroes

In the comic Bad Medicine, the story includes a detective who is investigating a case of a scientist who is found dead in his apartment This story is mostly on a research a scientist was doing. In the comic book we are taken with this detective throughout her investigation. In her investigation we find a body in which appears to have a head however it’s invisible. The cause of the head not being able to be seen was because of the cause an experiment that a scientist was making. This affect was a side effect in the experiment.  The doctor disappears after almost losing his medicine license. Meanwhile no one can get a hold of him. They find there to be no blood outside the body leaving it to be a mystery. In this comics book shows that not all comic characters can link to biblical figures instead they derive from elsewhere. Common figures such as this one are common not superheroes. Showing that not all comic characters link to biblical heroes instead they develop into common stories. Bad Medicine is a great story overall in its drawings and choice of diction.  It illustrates that only superheroes such as Superman can be linked to biblical hero’s not common figures such as detectives. Not all comic book figures can be portrayed as heroes.  

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