07 May 2012


"Serenity: Firefly Class 03-K64" starts out with a spaceship landing on a desert like planet and we meet Zoe, the second in command on the ship, who is also pregnant. Her captain tells her to go into town for supplies because the last time he went the locals provoked him and he shot a few of them. Zoe leaves and a stranger named Frosty rides up and asks the captain if the ship is for sale. Captain says he would never sell his ship, who he calls Serenity. Frosty then asks if he can hitch a ride off the planet and Captain obliges. He invites Frosty on board, but as he does Frosty pulls a gun on the Captain and says that if he wants to live he will walk away and not turn around till the ship was long gone. Captain tells Frosty that is only duty is to protect Serenity and the people inside her. Frosty shoots Captain in the arm, but then a girl jumps from the ship and knocks out Frosty. Captain sits up and sees that the girl is River, one of his crew members. He thought she add gone into to town with the others, but she stayed behind instead. The rest of the crew arrive and find the whole incident quite hysterical. They load the cargo and Frosty's horse and head off into space.
I really liked this comic. It was on the shorter side, but I appreciated the humor in it. The artwork was very well done, but I think the way the panels were laid out made the drawings that much more enjoyable. But by far my favorite part of the comic is the cover art. It is not cartoonish like the actual comic, it is more realistic. The cover gave the comic more "life", it made it more imaginable. I could see myself reading this comic more in the future.

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  1. Sadly, cover art is often cooler than what's inside. Still, I'm glad you liked it! You should check out the movie or (if you want to skate REALLY close to nerdiness) the TV show ;-)