08 May 2012

Spiderman Again, Again, and Again...

The beginning of the comic Spiderman a boy named Peter Parker is introduced along with his uncle and aunt. Peter and his family live in Queens New York where he attends a local high school. Peter’s story begins with a normal day within his life. On this day Peter tens to get made fun of and picked on by pretty girls and jocks. At one point a football player actually throws a football at Peter and ends up knocking him down. After this incident Peter goes to one of his classes where the teacher is informing them about their grades for their pop quiz. The teacher claims that everyone did badly except for Peter. The teacher then decides to award him for his good grade by giving him tickets to a demonstration at the New York City Hall of Science. On this trip Peter is exposed to a radioactive spider that bites him, causing him to get sick, and make his veins pop out on his hand forming what looks like a web. He then freaks out by almost getting run over, he eventually pukes. Later on that day Peter goes home to rest which is when he ends up hanging from his roof. After his rest Peter wakes up feeling a million times better. Not only does he feel better but also different in a good way. In fact, he does not even need to wear his glasses anymore. Peter then goes outside to discover his new powers by tumbling and climbing up walls. After this incident Peters mind begins to run wild thinking about all the new possibilities that can come out of his new powers.
This comic was interesting; however, it is basically a remake of the older Spiderman storyline. It would have been more interesting if maybe Peter would have got his powers somewhere else or if some things would have changed. This comic relates back to Scott McClouds Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art. It relates back to his claim that comic creators are having a hard time creating new things. By basically retelling the story nothing is changing and a lot of people are already familiar with this story line so people might lose interest. Hopefully, comic creators will try and change the Spiderman storyline or come up with a new idea.   

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  1. Ah, the old Spider-Man origin story. It's definitely been "redone" to death by now...which is why I didn't grab that one ;-)