07 May 2012


Considering my research paper was on how comics need to take a different approach on getting their audiences attention i decided to get a comic book with Spongebob Squarepants because I included him in my paper. The comic I got is simply called Spongebob but it is comic #8. This particualr edition is called Slip Sledding Away. In this comic Spongebob and Patrick decide to get two sleds and go to the highest mountain in Bikini Bottom and try to go down it without landing in the fruit trees which were at the end of the mountian. They kept trying and trying until one time Spongebob landed in the fin fruit tree and discovered the fin fruit is very slippery so they both rubbed it all over the bottoms of the sleds. After they both put all of the fin fruit on their sleds they both headed back up to the top to try and clear it again. This time was a success! They cleared the fruit trees but landed in the dump this time.

I have never read a comic that was pretty much a story line and matched the show so much. This was not any ordinary comic where there was a superhero saving the day or anything like that. Just like McCloud says in his book Understanding Comics, the writers of these comics needs to change the way they are attracting their audiences. One way could be this exactly, making comics like shows on television and attracting different types of people.

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  1. Excellent response! I'm really glad you had your final essay in mind when picking your comic book :-)