08 May 2012

Technology, The Enemy or the Ally of the Comic?

Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons                                                          ~R. Buckminster Fuller 

We must use technology to help better humanity, not only in military defense, or to make our lives more comfortable, but in learning and reading.  If we can,t integrate technology into the many priceless pieces of literature that abound within our society, I fear reading, and the joy it brings, will be lost forever.

This recommendation was created at BitStrips.com if any of you are interested.  It gives a lot of facial expression options, and allows you to do a lot with the positioning of the arms, legs, and fingers.  It's free you just have to set up a log-in name and password.  It is very easy to use, I recommend it, and I will be making more comics on this site in the future.  I will miss the weekly blog, so for all you future English 112 students who read this, listen up.  Enjoy it while it lasts, it's exciting, and teaches you in the process.  Remember, technology must be utilized if the comic medium is going to survive.  So get online create your own comics, or blog about some comics, because this type of technology is the tool that will continue to bring reading and learning into the new age.       

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  1. Awesome comic, Mike! We're already seeing this happen to some extent. And thanks for the plug :-)