18 April 2012



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17 April 2012

Are Superheroes Republicans?

Di Paolo, Marc. War, Politics and superheroes: ethics and propaganda in comics and film.
       Jefferson, N.C: McFarland, 2011. Print.

In Di Paolo text he focus's and talks about the comics history in the last seventy years on superheroes’ and the political views they have. He starts from the very beginning of when superheroes started coming into effect and each one symbolizes a certain political view. Then he covers them all the way to the current political issues to now, in the 20th century. Starting in his introduction he asks the reader are superheroes Republicans? I think just by starting off asking that question makes a very strong point that every superhero had a purpose, a message it was trying to bring across to society. They faced issues that others didn’t want to talk about or mention. Di Paola explains how the superheroes covered political issues such as Wonder Woman was a feminist icon and sex symbol and Spiderman as Benedict Arnold, a class warrior. X-men addressed gay rights and the time of the Nazi and Superman touched the time of Ronald Reagan and the issues of the Ku Klux Klan. These were just very few that were I talked about, there is many more presented. The reading surprised me I didn’t know all these characters stood for what they did. Now it makes me look at superhero comics in a different light. I thought this book is a great contribute to my writing because it is emphasizing how comics were so successful in the past because the issues that raised. To show how to present comics just don’t seem to be sending that strong of a message to the people anymore, this causes the decline in comics.

16 April 2012

Your Brain on Burritos

Aldama, Frederick L. Your Brain on Latino Comics. Austin: university of Texas Press, 2009. Print.

One source that I will use in writing my research essay is Your Brain on Latino Comics. This book has many different points which relate directly to the part of my essay that talk about the need for minority representation in comic books. My essay will basically go ever three different ways that comics can improve so that they can reach their full potential, and this book shows that one of those ways, minority representation, is being approached the wrong way. Your Brain on Latino Comics is a book written by a Latino man, Frederick Luis Aldama, with the purpose of telling about Latino comics. Within the book there are three sections; one is on overview of Latino comics, the next is goes much deeper and offers a much more in depth study of Latino comics, and the last is dedicated to conversations with the Latino comic book artists. This book will most likely only be a small portion of my research essay, but I have already found a few useful quotes that I will incorporate in my writing.