14 March 2014

Marjane satrapi

1. Yes, I think Marjane is a believable character. The reason
why is because her character shows progression over time. The story showed how marjane changed from being a young girl who talk
s to god often and wanted to be a prophet. The older she got the less she would talk to god and eventually give up on dreams of being a prophet.

2. I think she tell the story show how the revolution of her country affected her life at a young age. The story also showed how the revolution and where she was from affected her life at an older age and away from home.

3. This is a stereotypical coming of age story because. It's about a young girl growing and her perspective of life changing as she gets older.

4. I think this matters because most comics are about men and written by men. This comic being about a young girl is very different from the norm.

The two chapters were about marjane satrapi at two different points in her life. One of the as a young child and the other of her as a teenager living abroad.
In the first chapter marjane wrote about herself as a young girl, and the revolution happening in her country at the time. Also how the revolution affected her and her family.
In the second chapter it's four years later and marjane tell her story living away from home. In this chapter marjane is a teenager living in a boarding school ran by nuns. Marjane made a weird group of friend who found interest in her being from Iran and experiencing the war. Towards the end of the chapter marjane stood up to the head mistress which showed her rebellious side, I think this could be a   huge changing point in the story.

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  1. This is a little cut and dry (and late), Christwatson, but it's not bad. Maybe just try adding more specifics in the future :-)