17 March 2014

Alexie and Me

From Paragraph Four "Each panel, complete with picture, dialogue and narrative was a three-dimensional paragraph. In one panel, Superman breaks through a door. His suit is red, blue and yellow. The brown door shatters into many pieces." Unlike Alexie, this quote relates to me on how I began drawing instead of reading. When I was younger like all children, we watched cartoons and colored in coloring books or just comics since we didn't know better of any value it could be or was. I used to watch anime of any sort that interested me with my brothers. One day I sat down and tried to copy the illustration of each character i thought was cool looking or was like the best main character of that show. Including Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Naruto, Dexter Laboratory  and much more. But when I started to practice more and more I figured that since I cant be like superman with all those powers why not try to draw him doing those amazing things and create my own story. But what notice my drawing came out to be better then what I expected, even though it wasn't the best I know deep down I can do better. So even though Alexie read the superman comic book, I didn't like to read any of  it much but admire the work, colors and details of each different page. I kept at it everyday practicing as I grew older and became a hobby of mine and want to pursue as a career. Even though now that I am in college I still practice as much I can so I wont forget how it feels to bring something to life not as in a paper but in your mind as well.

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  1. Jean! I love that you related to Alexie's story on the visual aspect! And I can't wait to see some of your work!!!