21 March 2014

Feeder 1.2 Letter to Gene Yang

Dear Gene Yang,

       I have recently read a tremendous piece written by you as a class assignment called American born Chinese, might I say this comic is a great piece of work in many different ways I made a connection with this story immediately. I myself have experienced similar situations as Jin Wang alongside other foreigners who move to this country which is one reason why I gravitated to this comic.
     when I first attended middle school It was horrible for a few years. I myself like Jin Wang come form a loving caring family, but my parents are both foreigners who speak "English" if you ask me,but being that they are both form the Caribbean they also have a pretty strong accent which rubbed off on me some how.As a child you don't realize it but the fact being that I have always been around my parents all the time I was starting to sound like them, which I had no problem with at first. Then when I was starting to get teased and criticized  because of it .I was the only west Indian kid in class or in my school to be exact.Until after a few months when Demari came a kid who had just moved to Brooklyn with his family from Spanish town Jamaica who had turn out to be my only one true friend throughout middle school.
   In the story you gave what to me was a great example of how when ignorance is practice how it becomes just a natural thing "now be nice Timmy! I'm sure Jin doesn't do that! in fact Jin's family probably stopped that sort of thing as soon as they came to the united states" this comment which was made by the teacher when a student said some not so nice things about Jin and his family goes to show you that practice makes prefect and by getting rid of these practices we are taking steps into a better tomorrow.
  I want to thank you for actually writing this comic because you are speaking up for so many people who my may not have a voice, in the scene that they cant reach out and let the world know how they feel about such  pressure that weighs on you when you aren't accepted due to the most ignorant things. This comic allows people to see how silly it is to judge others for being different.wther its race sex or religion.



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  1. This is a great post, kio! I'm not sure how I missed it!