17 March 2014


Sorry to bother you, but you’re Chinese, aren’t you? You’re in America. Speak English.” American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang This quote when Jin Wang tells Wei-chen sun the new Taiwan transfer student to speak in English because he’s in America reminded me of the time when I was back in middle school. I remember I was back in sixth grade and I was in the gym with a group of friends, we were talking with each other in our native language which is Spanish. The gym teacher was passing by on his way to his office when he heard us speaking, He stopped walking turned around and with a stern voice told us to not speak any language other than English while at school. even though this made me really angry I didn’t do anything about it, I didn’t tell my parents nor did I tell the schools principle. After that day I proposed myself to only speak in English, not only at school but at home also. Now that I’m older I know that the teacher didn’t have a reason to tell me or anyone that. He also without knowing influenced me in the wrong way. Now that I’m older I know better, I am in America so therefore I have Freedom of Expression so long as I’m not breaking any rules or offending anyone. Thinking about it now shows me how much I've grown as a student and as a person. 


  1. Great response, Homi! That's unfortunately a common occurrence, but it sounds like you've learned from it. And hopefully, as we learn more we can teach more open-mindedness on this issue :-)

  2. Thanks.Yes, especially teachers who have such an affect on the youth.