20 March 2014

Feeder 1.2: Letter to the Author!

Feeder 1.2 asks you to write a letter to the author of an assigned text, expressing your own thoughts and feelings about the author’s piece, posted to the class blog, with a visual, for comment. We'll draft this in class!

Additionally, your letter should include the following:
  • Briefly describe our course and which parts of the text you've read.
  • Ask questions you might have about the text.
  • Tell him or her about your favorite part of the text is, which can include the experience of reading or something about the story itself. Show him or her you read the novel and thought about what you read by providing details and references to books, pages, and/or panels!
  • Comment on the artistic style. What things did you find interesting or noteworthy?
  • Explain what the novel meant to you personally.
  • Closing (Sincerely, Best, etc...).
Revise your letter and post it to the blog by Sat., Mar. 21st.

Questions? Quibbles? Controversies?

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