16 March 2014

Feeder 1.2 My thoughts and feelings on the authors piece.

   Dear author of Yang's American Born Chinese. This comic really touched me. The reason it touched me is because I been through a real experience like this. When i was in middle school I made a friend named Katie who was bullied and judged because she was a different race. No one wanted to be her friend. Finally I decided to talk to her because I seen how upset she was and lonely. At first she was worried I was just trying to make fun of her but then after some time we became great friends. My friends also decided to talk to her because they seen me and her become good friends. Me and Katie are friends still today. I love how you express how hard it was to be accepted because of race and where you come from. I think it was sad that Jin Wang didn't want to be friends with Tai Wan at first because Jin was so accustomed to being bullied and mistreated because of his race he thought it was the right way to act towards any other chinese student. Finally when he seen Tai Wan had common interest with him he talked to him and they became close friends. No one should be judged by color, race, looks. Everyone should be treated the same.

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  1. Great letter, DK! But we switched the feeders around, so this one isn't due yet. We're gonna work on it in class tomorrow, so you're ahead of the game!