17 March 2014

Feeder 1.2

Dear Mr.Yang

Your an amazing writer who I personally can relate to in this story. I really understood what Jing wang went through. I use to be him when I was in middle school. Being a African girl whose belief was Islam I was bullied a lot. I made not even a handful of friends and was always teased. I was always alone and really didn't mind having friends but always felt left out. The teasing didn't stop there it was to a point they were making fun of my "Hijab" . in your writing I really liked how you talked about the hardship of being accepted for who you are. I feel like no one should mistreat no one for any reasons. everyone deserves a fair shot in being accepted for themselves.

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  1. Great letter, Ami! But we switched the feeders around, so this one isn't due yet. We're gonna work on it in class tomorrow!