21 March 2014

Feeder 1.2: Letter to Marjane Satrapi

Dear Marjane Satrapi,


     I have read your comic "Persepolis" recently and it really inspired me. You've portrayed your life in a way that kept me curious to read what would happen next. 
   While reading Persepolis , I realized that how your life wasn't so different then mine. The way your lifestyle was transformed , I could relate myself to it . Because I was also used to live in a religious country where people didn't had so much freedom and I had to follow that concept of veil but later on I moved to the other country where I don't have restrictions as I had before. Even though I've been moved but still I've been facing challenges as you did. But after reading your comic it's kinda easy for me to make decisions fairly. 
   Moreover, another amazing  part of Persepolis is that you've showed the reality to people. You've showed what was actually going on in Iran during Islamic revolution and what nation was going through while people outside the Iran weren't aware of it but then your novel revealed the truth and changed people's perspectives. I'm glad that I get to read your novel and see what the truth is.
     I've learned a lot from your comic but the most inspiring thing is your independency. You're an extremely strong individual. You say what you feel like. You're not afraid to speak the truth and to show your emotions, regardless of what people would think. After reading this novel, I've been making myself more expressive as you're , I think it would be helpful for me to face this world. 
   I'm so glad that I get to read your comic and learned a lot. I want to thank you  because you're emphasizing the truth and changing people's point of views which we need during this time period.You're an inspiration not only for me but for everyone around this world. You're an example of women empowerment. I'm looking forward to read more of your books.


Syeda Abbas 

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  1. This is a really nice letter, syeda. I wonder if you could add some specific examples from the comic that you relate to.