19 March 2014

Feeder 1.3 Daniel.D.

"If you lock them together in a room with no food for a week, then you can see what it is, friends!" Meaning that anyone can be good to you, but once put into harsh circumstances then you see someone's true colors. I'm one that never really had many friends growing up. I was always the lone wolf.  Even if I did have a friend, it wasn't a long friendship. As I got older I realized what friends were and who is real and fake. I've met people from Florida to New York and I can say I have a good amount outside of
New York. But it's legit 2 people I can consider my friends. I've always kept my circle closed and tight. Before I left for Florida I had a bunch of "friends". Now that time has passed, someone I was able to call my close and good friend 5 years ago, I now call him an acquaintance. It all depends how long you known someone or how many times they've been there for you. As of last year, I became great friends with one person who I never really liked only because he helped me alongside our mutual friend to help me in a really tough time in my life. Didn't really expect him to be there but he was and it surprised me. Ever since then, it's just been me and those 2. Probably the best and closest friends I have ever had. But going back to the quote; if that were to happen to us, yes, we would all lose our minds, but then become cool again after we were set free.


  1. Not bad work, Dan! But what's the context for that quote? That'll help us see who it connects to your experience :-)

    1. Oh of course! I didn't even mention how that coincides with my life. Well, to add on, basically if the three of us were in that room, we all might point out flaws in one another and maybe fight each other. Either like a triple threat or a 2 on 1. No food makes any man turn savage. We might even go through all types of emotions. But at the end, when we get out and grab something to eat, we might apologize for all the bs or just forget about it.