18 March 2014

Feeder 1.3: maybe you, them, maybe all of us.

" Every day when the son played, he pretended to buy and sell sticks he found on the streets, haggling over prices with his friends. The mother decided to move.
They settle into a house next to a cemetery. Now when the son played he burned incense sticks and sang songs to dead ancestors. The motherdecided to move again.
She found a home across the road from an university. The son now spent all his free-time reading booms about mathematics, science, and history. The mother and her son stayed there for a long, long time."
"she finished the story as we pulled up to our new house."

This part in American born Chinese by  Gene Yang really stood out to me the most in the entire story. Because it had sentimental values? because it's a very significant part of the story? because i can relate? maybe, maybe all. maybe you, maybe them, maybe all of us can relate.

Reading this i felt as if she is worried of the surroundings of her son and how they might influence him to be someone in particular, forcing her to act immediately and move away. My story is sort of the same with a little twist to it at the end. From very little i moved from house to house, different school every grade, always having to start up fresh. It wasn't easy, but i knew that my mom as a single mother losing it all just wanted what was best for us, me and my siblings. I remember her always telling me stories of how important people who go to universities were and how easy their life economically and time wise was. I would read and read all the time and teach myself everything i could so just in case i wasn't good at one thing i'll be better at another three. I learned english in 5 months. I searched universities, private schools, honors programs, i got good grades, received awards. I didn't like the idea of moving because i was slightly different from everybody. My hair was blonde, my skin was pale and my eyes were light. I was an "american" to them and i didn't "belong" in a school full of tan kids with curly hair. i would get picked on a lot. But i kept my mouth shut and brought good grades home. I feel like all of the changes i've gone through were lessons and it had made it easy for me to develop as a human being and being my self. Eventually i got accepted as i was, and people would be interested in my poems and stories. Yea at first i hated the moving all of the time and having to adjust to everything but i honestly believe of it wasn't for such, i probably would of never gave writing a try.

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  1. Great response, Jean! I want to know SO much more about this :-) But don't forget to cite your pics!