17 March 2014

Feeder 1.3

"And let's be Jews"

This quote stood out to me in American born Chinese. This piece is very meaningful too me because when I was in middle school I felt like a Jew. I felt like I was different and that I was unwanted. The story possess strong themes of racial stereotype specially American stereotypes of the chineses. This is similar it the Nazis belittling the Jews and making them feel/treat as trash. I felt this way in middle school. Being a African girl was one thing but also believing in Islam made my life a nightmare. Ivnever even wanted to associate with my own kind fearing the bullying will increase. Living in a fear just like the Jews did. Around my last year of middle school that when I gained a voice to stand up for myself and to not be that doormat I use to be. I never wanted anyone to fear me but to respect me. In the story I can Relate to jing Jang in trying to fit in and also having to change yourself just to feel accepted. 


  1. Way to connect multiple readings, Ami! And while I'm sorry you were treated that way, I hope you can turn that lesson into a Personal Narrative that can teach others :-)

    1. Thank you prof. i will defiantly teach others in my personal narrative.