18 March 2014

Feeder 1.3

" Its easy to become anything you wish so long as you're willing to forfeit your soul."

    This quote from Yang's American born Chinese  touched me very deeply because many people have to give up things in their life to become what they want in the world. Many people give up living near their families,  they move away because of their work , many people become consumed with their jobs and they don't have any time for their friends or families anymore.  My step father works on cruise ship and he loves his job but his family lives in Italy and he doesn't get to see him very often. Before he worked on the cruise ship he worked in Italy near his family but he wanted to become a seamen and become a chef engineer. He left his family and went to work for carnival cruise lines in America. In the beginning his family would come to see him but after a while they couldn't do that anymore because it was expensive and they didn't have the time to do it. His first wife asked him to quit and come work at home but he didn't want to because he loved his job to much to give up. Eventually it ruined his marriage with his wife because she was unhappy and had to raise their children mostly alone because he was away at work for months at a time. As the quote says it is easy to become anything you want but it comes with a price like anything else in life. You have to give up your regular life and do everything you have to do to keep your job you want. Some people don't think its worth it and quit but then there are the people that would do anything to keep their job like my step father even if it means going away months at a time from their family. By no means is my step father a bad person he loves his family but sometimes the job just consumes a person.

                                                         (This is my stepdad Pasquale)

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