18 March 2014

Feeder 1.3

Within the book Mause there was a quote that caught my attention; " Friends? Your Friends?... If You Lock them Together In A Room With No Food For A Week ...... THEN You Could See What It Is, Friends! " (Mause, 6). This quote from Mause spoke vibes to me; both the scenario it was used for and the way in which it was used. Due to the fact Vladek, Artie's father, tells him this at such a young age over something as simple as Artie crying; tripping from his loosened roller skates during a race which lead to his friends leaving him, ties everything together and makes this quote perfect to me. Despite the fact it might of sounded "harsh" telling a young boy this, I found it more along the lines of blunt honesty; which to me is one of the purest form of honesty there is because its factual and unfiltered. I like that Vladek told Artie this, and its evident this memory was embedded in Artie's memory and might be something he holds some value towards (Mause first two pages started with this scenario).
 In my personal opinion I would prefer a father-like figure to give me blunt honesty, starting at a young age, so it would be in my subconscious; something along the lines of second nature. Despite the advice parents give children passes through ears and over heads, the way Vladek stated his point was witty and wasn't forced into Artie's mind; more like stated and then remained a staple. In some form I can relate to what the actual quote means, due to my own experiences dabbling in social ostracism I can vouch that there is no such thing as friends in this world. People are quick to flip through emotions and it might be because of several factors; envy, jealousy, greed, hate, or as Artie's father stated being stuck in a room with no food for a week. Regardless of the reason for one to show a different side to themselves, the fact remains in this world there are shadows and family; no in-between , no friends.

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  1. Great letter, Jay! But we switched the feeders around, so this one isn't due yet. We're gonna work on it in class tomorrow!