18 March 2014

Feeder 1.3

 " Friends? Your Friends?... If You Lock them Together In A Room With No Food For A Week ...... THEN You Could See What It Is, Friends! ", such a blunt but relevant quote. I guess the saying,"parents know best" is true. This quote was stuck in my head for plenty reasons. Reasons that as a young child I didn't understand but so now. It's so hard to find a friend to count on, and to show they're loyalty to you is unquestionable. I can count on 1 hand my circle of friends that I know is gonna be by my side and have my best intrest for the rest of our life. I don't think his father ment any harm by the statement,I think he just wanted his son to open his eyes am not be so naive about what a friendship really is. People always tend to think that because kids are kids that you have to bs them through their younge years which I think is really setting a child up for a rough adjustment to the real world. My mom was kind of like that, but my grandmother introduced me to real because she knew I could handle it. Ever sice then not a lot comes to a suprise to me, and I would hope that parents would use this as a method of parenting and coaching children. 

(I uses this picture because this is one of my close friends from home) 


  1. I really like your post and I think you make great strong statements in your blog. Your so right when you say it's hard to come by real trust worthy friends. I also believe parents shouldn't bs their children but they should prepare them for the real world.

  2. Great post, SirAnthony!

    I'm curious if you have any specific instance you could share in relation to your parents attitudes.

    And good comments, DK :-)