18 March 2014

Forfeit your soul

"It's easy to become anything you wish… so long as you're willing to forfeit your soul"

This quote from American born Chinese really stood out to me because of what I think it means.
It's saying you can become whatever you want, if your willing to devote your all into your craft or passion. I can relate to this, not because I have sold my soul but because I haven't, figuratively speaking. To explain what I mean  I've been able to draw better than most people for as long as I could remember. I could think back to when I was in the 3rd grade, when I would drawing in class. And catch the attention of everyone, they would love my drawings. I would draw and doodle every now and than never really taking my talent serious. I even inspired one of my friends to start drawing, a couple years down the line he's drawing better that me, me who was naturally talented. I was a little envious whenever I saw someone that could draw better than me, I thought people were just as good as they were never understanding that you could improve. I couldn't understand this for a long time, he couldn't draw a straight line when I first met him now he could draw better than me? I was who was naturally talented and he wasn't. It took me years until I finally understood why my friend could draw better than me. He sold his soul, not literally but he would put effort and time into his craft. I on the other hand didn't draw nearly as much as he did. It's not until recently when I started to put time and effort into drawing trying to forfeit my soul metaphorically.
Source: an unfinished painting of mine

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  1. Great response, Christwatson! And great painting! I can't wait to see what you pull out for your Personal Narrative :-)