21 March 2014

Dear. . . .

   Dear Gene Yang, 
                    Recently I have read your story "American born Chinese". I love this story. Its entertaining and it really makes you think. Each page just makes you wanna keep reading on and on wondering what will happen next.
            While reading the story I made a connection with the main character Jin Wang. Him being a transfer student caught my attention. Even when he was explaining on how his classmates use to call him names and bully him really showed that i wasn't the only one that went through the same thing.When i was about 6 or 7 i started to go to school in Jamaica. At first i was really happy about meeting new people and building a friendship but after about a hour my mind completely changed for the worst.
            I was constantly bullied and laughed at because of how i spoke. Jamaican is English but in a very funny slang type of way. So when i use to speak proper as a American the kids would feel i thought i was better because i was born there. they always made jokes saying I think I'm better or look better then them because I'm from the states but I'm really slow and dumb. they use to constantly taunt and hit me. Even went as far as to steal my money and my book bag.But after a couple of weeks a girl named Ashley who was also from the states was also in my class. My classmates use to bully her just like they did too me. After a few days i felt bad and introduced myself to her. Since then me and Ashley have been friends ever since. Even though shes in Florida & I'm in New York. We keep in touch over facebook or we always travel to Jamaica together each summer.
                    So I will like to thank you Mr. Gene Yang. For creating such a awesome and entertaining book. American Born Chinese really made me tap into my childhood and i am very grateful for that opportunity your story gave me.

                                                                                                    Nakisha .S

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  1. I like your letter, Nini. But the italics is a little jarring ;-) Also, proofread a tad more carefully :-)