13 March 2014

Getting higher knowledge with Maryjane...no pun intended

Maryjane in my opinion seemed like a real character. Yeah the things she was saying were kind of odd and mature for her young age but we have to remember she's in a whole other country. People of her culture tend to be really religious and like she said,"I've been religious since I was a baby". I think people think she's not real because in our country and culture religious gets put on the back burner for some reason. While religion is on the back burner boiling vigorously there are people who put things like trends,and who has the latest shoes or coolest clothes ever further on the back burner..not even a burner but in the broiler. That's how much they don't care. Seeing a little girl at 6 calling herself a prophet and her reasoning is comparable to kids wanting to be super hero's. Maryjane said she wanted to be a prophet to help her grandmothers achy knees, I don't know about you guys but I wanted to be a power ranger (the blue ranger) to help the police fight crime and get the bad guys off the streets. Catching my gist? So do I think she's a real character? Yes I surely do. 
(I used this picture to show how serious America doesn't take religion and hoe American artist get praised for it, but if this was in Maryjanes country someone would get beheaded) 

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  1. Your pun would be clever, SirAnthony, if the main character's name was Maryjane and not MARJANE ;-)

    Also, where's the rest of your summary and response?