18 March 2014

God, Where Are You?

                 When i was reading the story "Persepolis", there was something that caught my attention. That something that caught my attention was when Marjane said "God,where are you?" While she sat there alone and teary eyed in bed. A lot came too mind while reading this comic but that line stuck out the most.
                When i was just about 7 or 8 i remembered laying in bed crying and questioning where was god and why was certain things happening in my life just as Marjane was. This was because when after i was 2 days old fresh from the womb my dad had gotten arrested for drug charges back in Jacksonville Florida. My mom was in and out of the police station with me and my brother due to the fact she was considered a witness. Just as i was 2 weeks old my mother had sent me and my mother down to Jamaica to stay with my grandmother until everything had cleared up. There i was raised, i went to school and everything turned from bad to worse. I was constantly picked on and bullied all because i spoke proper English. I use to get made fun of cause everyone thought i though i was better then them because i was American. I always came home crying and bruised up from getting pushed down or hit and i always use to say " God, where are you" or even second guess if there was a god or not since i never seen him or stopped getting bullied.
               Eventually everything stopped as the years went by i had gotten a few friends, stopped getting bullied and i even learned how to speak Jamaican fully. My father came home right before my 15th birthday. Every thing has been running smoothly since then. But that's How Marjane's   "God, where are you?" relates too me.
Left: School picture
Right: Visting My Dad In Jail 

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  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing that story, Nini! I see where this connects with one of your responses, and I hope you'll them all together in your Personal Narrtive!

    Just be sure to proofread a little more closely, and stop putting all your text in bold and italics ;-)