18 March 2014

I'm the Juggernaut

       " I refused to fail... I was lucky" (Superman and Me"), this quote is something everyone should be able to relate to, hopefully. Hopefully there is atleast one thing in everyone's life that they're confident and borderline arrogant about. I have that, its martial arts. I've been in martial arts for 11 years, I've trained, I've competed, I've won. It's always been a matter of me wanting not to fail, that's why I connect with this quote.
       You look at me and you don't really expect I'm a lifetime martial artist. I look sart,  I like comics, I like reading and playing video games, and I don't walk around with my chest puffed out like I got something to prove. But I am a lifetime martial artist. I plan to make a living out of this, usually this when people say "but you're so smart, why dont you do something where you could use your brain". i never really pay attention to those people, I knew this was gonna be my life ever since i got my first white belt when I was eight, I dont listen to people much when they give an opinion on thing that dont concern. Which is in a way what Sherman Alexei did. He was like a juggernaut, just went straight forward and didnt let anything get in his way of success. I aspire to be that same juggernaut.

This is just a badass video of Juggernaut fighting Gladiator in the X-Men Animated Series


  1. Cool really like this blog, but why did you choose the juggernaut for the title ?

    1. I chose the title because in me I see the side of the Juggernaut, someone who, once he gets momentum cannot be brought down.

  2. Good blog, howard! I'm curious if you can give us a specific story around your "arrogance" :-)

    This is an awesome video :-) My wife (a lifetime Marvel fan) tripped out as soon as she heard me playing it :-)