21 March 2014

Letter to Alison Bechdel

Dear Alison Bechdel,

      When I was reading your book "Fun Home" I thought to myself  that this story was very interesting to see how you took realism about your own personal life story to make a comic out of it. Instead of making it fictional like other comic book artist do. So to see something different in my point of view to become a artist inspire me to see how you made everything correspond with different details of your drawing. Once I was reading this in my college English class I thought it was some regular comic that I see all the time But enjoyed it a lot to see your not afraid to share your life stories with other people and for them to read everything that had impacted you. I was wondering what made you want to draw your life in a way no one else had done ? do you feel that you find more of a challenge to prove others what you can do ? Also what kinda shocked me was how you have a obsession disorder with even numbers. What part of life impacted you to make you see and count everything with even numbers ? because I wouldn't say I have a disorder but I do tend to always count everything with even number and need everything to fall on a even number. If it was charging my phone and taking it off on a even number or even warming something to eat in the microwave,I still tend to stop on a even, cant stand it being on an odd number. Not to get off track I do love your work on how you make a challenge to change way of comics of breaking down what some words mean or to figure out what the drawing trying to say. Thank you for sharing your life experience with everyone to enjoy I look forward on seeing what you come up with next.
                                                                                                                                   Jean Pantoja



  1. This is a nice letter, Jean. But you need to proofread for clarity a but more :-)

    1. Also, I'm the same way with even numbers :)