21 March 2014

Letter to a Prophet

Dear  Marjane Satrapi,

            When I was reading apart you’re a part of your book “Persepolis” I thought to myself that this story was interesting to see the different things and experiences that was going on in countries that I never paid attention to. The class I am taking is an English class in college where came across your story mainly because our teacher is well I can assume really loves comic we ended up reading yours. Some of the questions I have are some questions for you regarding your story. What gave you the drive and courage to write and draw as the way of portraying the events that were being taking place where you grew up as you were little?. When you said on page 9 that “I wanted to be Justice, Love and the Wrath of God all in one” when you were a little girl, it reminds me of how I have this sort of way of thinking were I want to be in the middle of good and evil were we as people always have two sides as of a coin being flipped. I want to be good but not pure.  I choose to be neutral and be in balance physical and mentally. I wish to see both side of one coin at the same time.
            My favorite scenes are where you to go with your parents to about the events been taking place in your hometown and while you were taking a god about going and he is walking away and your parent said you can’t go and while you’re crying in your bed saying “God, where are you?” on page 17. This scene reminded me of how my younger self thought about God because I always question why there is so much suffering and why God wasn't doing anything but maybe because God just doesn't think it’s his responsibility to fix the problems that we as a people cause. I have enjoyed reading your story so far thank you for sharing your life experiences with us as readers.

Sincerely, Melbourne Middleton

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  1. Nice! I like that you asked questions!

    But maybe proofread a little more carefully for clarity :-/