12 March 2014

Marijane Satrapi (The Prophet?) Persepolis story

Marijane Satrapi is a girl of religion. In 1980 her school requires her to wear a veil. Her classmates were didn't why so they really didn't care,so much they were even playing and joking around with them. Before this happen she was in a non-religious school and boys and girls were together but when 1980 came the bilingual schools closed down. When she was six she believed herself to be a prophet.  She then has these conversations with God every night while she in bed. In school when the teacher asks her on page 8 “what do you want to be when you grow up” she replies by saying “I want to be a prophet”. The teacher calls her parents telling her what happen but they don’t seem to mind at all. She lies to her parents telling them she want to be a doctor. After that she tells God that she will keep it secret and say “I wanted to be Justice, Love and The Wrath Of God All One”. She puts her destiny on hold because of the revolution so she pretends to do fake protesting with her friends. At night her parents talk about a recent explosion and the police didn’t do anything to help instead they had forbidden people to help or rescue the people inside. Anyone who tried to help was attack. Marijane want to go with her parents and protest but they refuse her, as she was taking to bed crying she says “God where are you”. After four years passed and Marijane is now in Austria because she wanted to leave her religious Iran home and moved with her mother’s best friend Zozo but she put her in a house run by nuns. Before going there she meets up with Zozo and her daughter Shrin which is a childhood friend. As Marijane is in the car with Zozo and Shrin she realizes that Shrin has changed a lot in how she is more domesticated. Marijane and her new roommate Lucia start to become friends. As starts her local school she becomes likable with her good grades. She meets a new friend name Julie and quickly become friend with hers. Marijane goes with Lucia to visit her family and now they have become sisters. Marijane was arguing was a nun about her eating u from a pot she decides to move to Julies  house.
I think Marijane is a believable character she seems like a normal person and how she changes her way of thinking as she gets older just like I everyone does. She is telling us this story she want to express her feeling on what she thinks about her life growing up with these different experiences she her life.

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  1. Mel, your pun would be clever, if the author's name was Marijane. Maybe read a little more closely ;-)

    Also, your answers could use some fleshing out, maybe some examples from the book to support. Plus, you could try answering all of them :-/