17 March 2014

Marjane and me (feeder 1.3)

Life is all about adventure. We face different circumstances which influence us and sometimes play a role as turning point. While reading Persepolis, I could relate some of the incidents with my personal experience. As Marjane Satrapi wrote about her entire journey, in which she moved to a whole new place where she faced different situations and met different people. For example, when she moved to Austria, she started school in the middle of term. She had no friends but because of being good in math, she grabbed others attention in school and somewhere in helped her to make new friends. The same thing happened when I moved in USA. I started school in the middle of term. I had no one to talk with. I was used to remain quiet all the times in classes but when it came to Maths , it was hard for other to participate.  Therefore, my teacher was impressed and my class fellows also started to ask for help in homework , because of my good Maths. They started to behave nicer than before and eventually some of them became really good friends of mine. It helped me to made myself comfortable in school as Marjane did. 
Source : Persepolis (page 164-165)

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  1. Good response, syeda! I also like how you cut three separate panels together here! Just don't forget to cite them!