12 March 2014

Marjane Satrapi... The Truth?

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Yes, Marjane Satrapi seems like a believable character to me because she like a lot of 10 year old has a big imagination. Like a lot kids she expresses he opinion when she doesn't like or understand why something is happening. “We didn't really like to wear the veil, especially since we didn't understand why we had to.” Also like a lot of children in school she got bullied by her classmates for something she believed in. “she’s crazy". She also like a lot teens struggles to make friends in school.  I think a reason as to why Satrapi told this story is to give people a different point of view other than that of the media or what the government might have said. Maybe she also told this story to encourage other people who might be going through a similar situation, to speak up and tell their story.  I think this is a stereotypical coming of age story because just because she was born into a religious family and isn't a boy she can’t be a prophet. “I am the last prophet” “a woman?” The fact that it is a woman’s point of view and experiences is amazing. Women in Iran aren't expected to be as educated and capable as men, this might have changed the way the facts would have been given if it was a religious man who would have written the novel differently with his own ideals and values. This is important in the comic because it shows she doesn't think of herself any more or less than a male.  

Persepolis is a graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi illustrating the Islamic Revolution in Iran from her childhood up to her early adulthood. The chapter starts of by giving us background information about the beginning of the revolution. The revolution starts in 1979 later called The Islamic Revolution, then came 1980 when it was mandatory for girls to wear veils at school. In the year before they stared wearing the veils, they use to go to a French non-religious boys and girls bilingual school. There were many demonstrations for and against the veil. Later on in the chapter it talks about how group of religious fanatics burned down a movie theater and the Iranian police stood in front of the theater and didn't let anyone rescue the people trapped inside. In the second chapter where she is now a teenager about to start high school, she moves in with her mother’s friend Zozo who lives in Vienna. Zozo sends Marjane to a catholic boarding school. During her time at the boarding school she is given a room with a roommate named Lucia. As time went by she met a friend named Julie, Julie introduces Marjane to her group of friends. When it was time for vacations everyone was going back home, but Marjane couldn't because of the conflict still going on in Iran.  Her roommate invites her over to Tyrol. The chapter ends Marjane being expelled out school because she didn't let mother superior insult her.

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