12 March 2014

Marjane Satrapi,The Intrepid

1. Marjane Satrapi is definitely a believable character to me because she expresses her thoughts freely for what she believes in, as she said "I wanted to be justice, love and the wrath of god all in one" (Persepolis, pg:9). She also  acts upon whatever her parents tell her. Moreover, the way she has depicted her life and that revolutionary time period in Iran, actually involved me into and felt real which indicates her as a believable character.

2. The reason for telling this story is to show the changes and circumstances took place in her life during and after islamic Revolution in Iran. She also wants to aware people that what was actually going on during that time period in Iran. She openly discussed about leaders and Government to show what were people going through and what the actual situation was. Another reason could be the transformation in her life, like turning from a girl who wears veil and depends on parents to an independent girl.

3. The way children were segregated in school on the basis of gender differences and the restrictions on women because of the race they belong to, shows that somewhere Persepolis is a stereotypical coming-of-age story. I'm not sure whether its good or a bad aspect of comic but as a reader it was helpful to understand the background Marjane belonged to and also as an important part of its theme.

4.It matters because there are still some people in this world who live according to their stereotypical style. So it can be helfull to spread a message about women empowerment. However, this comic also shows the transformation in Marjane's life when she moved to Vienna and have freedom which is really adventurous. So people can relate it to their life experience , they way their life changed . That's how it can be helpful for them to make decisions and also can make them to think what they want from their lives as marjane found out her way.

In Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi is representing her life while explaining the circumstances she faced during and after the Islamic Revolution in Iran,. In 1980, she was 10 years old, she was forced to wear veil and the co-education system was abolished by strict ruler. However, as a kid, she had faith that she could stop suffrage through love and justice by becoming a prophet but this religious view point of her somewhere vanished when she started to observe more political situations and cruel behavior of ruler (Shah) which were taking place during that time period of revolution in Iran. She was more focused on political issues and leaders than her faith towards Islam.
After 4 years, In 1984, she moved to Vienna to stay at her mother's friend home but because of their family issues she went to boarding House runs by nuns. She met her roommate Lucia and made new friends at school. Now, she was independent, she did her shopping and bought food. Moreover,new  language(German) was still an issue for her but her friends helped her. She started to have good time with friends. Then Christmas vacation arrived, where all of her friends made plans to have fun she decided to read books. That's how she spent her vacation while reading books and eating pasta. One day, when she was eating spaghetti in a pot while watching TV. One of nuns, insulted her by saying that Iranians have no education but Marjane talked back and said that they were all prostitutes before becoming nuns. At the end, she got dismissed from Boarding House but she managed to stay at her friend's(julie) home.

SOURCE :https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=persepolis&FORM=HDRSC2#view=detail&id=BD04138F6B503115C9C6CCC4FD8806D3A4F4140E&selectedIndex=4

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